What Makes These Hosting Platforms Best?

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Having a beautiful website is one of the important needs of companies nowadays. Many other departments also have websites. But what matters after having a website is a supportive hosting. Hundreds of platforms all across the globe are offering to host but not all of them accommodate a website owner in a good manner. Some charge much budget and some offer less space but still, there is confusion for many website owners. Therefore some of the best free hosting platforms are given below:


This website offers free web hosting in a most friendly manner. All of those who want to initiate their website and want free hosting then this will be the righteous choice for them. You can enjoy their marvelous features which are as below:

  1. It offers 1.5 GB free storage.
  2. Unlimited bandwidth will be provided here.
  3. Free subdomains are offered and even you can register them.
  4. Add free posting for small website.
  5. For big websites, they need to pay $1/month.

If you are willing to pay you can find many other benefits. Because it is the best platform for having a righteous access to hosting.


Bravenet is one of the most fabulous websites who is working in Canada and providing satisfactory services to their clients. Many of their great services as below:

  1. You can have unlimited storage space.
  2. Unlimited bandwidth is a value added option.
  3. Free subdomain by bravenet.

There are many other services which are provided by them such as e-commerce and many others.


It is a new company as it is not much old just like others. But being new doesn’t mean compromise on any of the aspect. You can have nicest platform along with free security risks as it has moved to American data Centre and uses a proper security setup.

  1. You can get 5GB free storage space.
  2. You are allowed to have 20 GB bandwidth.
  3. 1 add-on domain and 1 parked domain will be given.
  4. Add free hosting is provided.

They are the righteous choice for many users and also you can find access to the latest software based environment here.


This is such website which is unique and which is a choice of many people. The reason which makes it best than others is its best way of dealing and policies. It is the only company which offers a lifetime free hosting for those who don’t want to pay for it. It is totally up to a person and how they will use it. Some of the features are as below:

  1. 1 GB storage space is offered.
  2. 5 GB monthly bandwidth is offered.
  3. 1 domain and 3 subdomains can be hosted.

These are only limited features of all these hosting platforms. For those who want to access to the more services they have to pay. But if you are the one who is new in this field then these all are best options to accommodate you with all basic services.