Web hosting service

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The Internet has been facilitating our lives since the very beginning. The Internet is helping people in almost every field in different ways. We seek the help of the internet in almost everything even when it comes to running or promoting the business. People are starting online businesses these days as this is the easier way of running the business or they get the help of internet to promote their already established business. Promoting business is done with the help of the websites. If you want more people to know about your business you have to look for the website developers and the web designers to make a website for your business too, the nothing, once your website is developed, is getting it on the internet where people can have access to it and can see it. This is where the web hosting service comes in. Web hosting service is exactly what that will make your website accessible to the internet users.

What is web hosting service?


Web hosting service is basically a service which allows the organisations and businesses owners to upload their business or any other website online on the internet where people can have access to it and can see it. Without web hosting service there is no use of your website because unless people actually can see and use your website it is of no use and that is possible only with the web hosting service. Web hosting service makes the businesses and organisation’s online presence possible. The companies that provide web hosting service to you are known as the web hosts, you can find a lot of web hosts on the internet that could make your online presence possible. Web hosting service could be of single page hosting or multiple page hosting. Single page hosting is good for the websites for personal use while multiple page hosting for businesses ad organisations is required.

Types of web hosting services.


There are various types of web hosting services and following are some of the types of web hosting services.

Shared web hosting


Shared web hosting is the type of the web hosting service in which different websites share a single server and all the other requirements like CPU and RAM are common for these websites. This type of web hosting service is good for small websites.

Reseller web hosting





Reseller web hosting is also the kind of the shared web hosting service but in this one the websites allowed to resell the hosting space to some other website and online shared web hosting service it also has some of the extra tools that could be helpful. Reseller web hosting normally costs almost $15 to $50 depending on the type of additional services.

Virtual private server

This web hosting service has one server for multiple websites but it acts like different and it’s better than shared web hosting.

Dedicated web hosting

In dedicated web hosting service, a website has a complete server from the web host.



In colocation web hosting you have the power and have your own server while the web host provides just the additional facilities to operate that server.