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Whenever you own a company or you have an institution, one of the important concerns is to make a website. You all need the best website on which you can display your content and people can come to know about you by visiting that website. There are billions of websites working on the internet. But that entire website required a hosting and it depends on you which type of hosting you adopt. Free server hosting is also provided by many servers. Some of the best free hosting providers are as below:


10hosting is considered as one of the most renowned free hosting platforms. It offers free hosting for your website with high performance. It is the platform with PHP, cPanel and MySQL based environment. It gives conformability along with some fabulous features:

  1. It offers unlimited storage space.
  2. More than 3 email accounts can be added.
  3. Unlimited bandwidth will be offered.
  4. 2 add-on domains along with 1 parked domain and 2 subdomains can be added.

This hosting also offers great featuring which you will come to know when you will visit it. It has a good platform of support from where you can get any help which you are needed.

Award Space


One of the best hosting providers who have remarkable name in the field of hosting. Awardspace has experience of more than 10 years and they know how to deal with everything correctly. They have a large audience and a large group of people choose them for free hosting. Their features include:

  1. They offer storage space of 1 GB.
  2. 5GB bandwidth is provided to users.
  3. You can get hosting for 1 domain and 3 subdomains.
  4. 1 email account and the spam filter are also included.
  5. Moreover, they offer ad-free services.


Weebly is the well-known and most prestigious name in regard to website building and hosting. Although they are famous for website building they are also providing website hosting. You can get free hosting for your website from this worldly recognized platform. It offers free services and some of them are as below:

  1. 500 MB of free storage.
  2. Unlimited bandwidth is also offered.
  3. Free templates which can be even edited.
  4. Add free services can also be achieved.

Moreover, on buying the hosting you can get many other features such as the commerce website or other services.



This is a platform which offers faster services. You can get cloud based storage which is 15 times faster than the old hosting plans. Their services may include:

  1. It offers 250 MB of storage space.
  2. 6GB of bandwidth is also provided.
  3. 5 domains can be hosted.
  4. You can connect 3 email accounts.
  5. Add free environment can be achieved.

These are only some features which can be grabbed. When you will purchase hosting you can get many other features. Thus you can find out web hosting so easier and affordable in that way.