Linux Hosting

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Linux hosting

We all are aware of what web hosting is by now and for those who don’t know it must know that it is the system with the help of which the website of yours is made available on the internet for all the internet users. Going more into the detail there are several different types of web hosting and one of that type is the Linux hosting. To understand in detail we all must now that Linux is basically an operating system like windows. Linux web hosting thus basically is a type of hosting that is provided by Linux. Linux web hosting is an OS (open source) system in which there is no source code and there is also no restriction for its use commercially and non-commercially. Linux web hosting is very great and better because the web administrators expect to use some other functions and functionalities so this type of the system is better for such individuals. It is not at all necessary for the users to have the Linux operating system but they can also use it on other operating system but this one would be better so now the choice is yours.

Following are some of the companies that can provide you with the Linux web hosting

I Page

I page is one of the most important names when it comes to the web hosting. This web hosting works on the Linux operating system. They provide you with a 24/7 monitoring and all type of the support. They provide the best web hosting service that you can think of and can expect from the web hosts.

Blue host

Blue host is also one of the very famous and very important web hosting provider and it also deals n the Linux web hosting. They provide all types of the e-commerce tools for Linux. You can also get a 24/7 free support which can help you with many of the problems.

Site ground

Site ground is also one of the best websites for the Linux web hosting. It provides all their users with a uptime of 99.9%to all of their users. They also provide you with free site transfer and all the setup that you need to have. I just $3.95you can easily get the privilege of getting all the web hosting services of site ground.

In motion hosting

Another popular name with the Linux web hosting is the in motion hosting and it is the best name and the one you should always consider for such purposes. It gives you the free SSL and the control panel allows you to install more than 30 applications. It also gives you the facility of email and your own personalized domain.

So this was all you need to know about the Linux web hosting and there are also some of the companies that can provide you with the Linux web hosting. So if you somehow develop your interest in this type of hosting these are some of the companies you must definitely consider.