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Web hosting is the type of service that allows you to make your website available on the internet to all the internet users. Understanding what a web hosting is really easy, it is basically a service that allows you to make your website in a search engine’s search list. And when people search for your website me of your product in that search engine, your website will appear in the list if the websites as a result of the search. This type of the service is provided by the web hosting company and luckily these days a lot of web hosting companies are available from where you can get some of the help. And there are also some of the companies that provide you with the service of free web hosting. There are some companies which let you have web hosting that is almost free but there are also some that give you this service free of any cost.

Following are some of the websites that provide you completely with free web hosting service

000 Web host

000 Web host is US-based web hosting company and it has been providing top free web hosting since 2007. This company provides you with the best web hosting service and all of it for completely free. It provides you 1.5 GB of free space for all of their users. It also gives you 100GB bandwidth each month and five e-mail accounts along with it. It is the best company that you can ask for if you want to enjoy free web hosting too.

Free hosting

Freehostia is also one of the very famous and top free hosting website. This company allows its users 250MB of the free space and a bandwidth of 6 GB. If in any kind of trouble 24/7 support is provided by them. They also provide their uses with 3 email accounts and is by far has proved itself best in many other aspects too.

5GB Free

As the name itself suggest we can easily guess that this company provides all of their users 5GB of the data free and this really is a huge amount of data and not all companies offer that so it’s better to choose the top web hosting company for your advantage. With a 5GB disc space, it gives a bandwidth f 20GB. It also gives 3 MySQL and PHP scripting.

Free hosting

Free Hosting is also another one of the best and top web hosting companies. They give a 10 GB disc space and bandwidth of 10 GB. If you already have a domain of your own this company can provide you with a free domain. There are different types of the packages that are offered by the free hosting so you can easily pick the one that is suitable for you.

So these are some of the websites that you need to know about if you want people to see your website. So now if you are looking for the internet earns to promote your business then these top web hosting companies are one f the things that you should know about.