Free PHP Hosting

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Who does not likes to enjoy the free stuff? And same is the case with the web hosting, that there are two different types of the web hosting available for you. First one is, of course, the paid one, and second is the Free PHP Hosting. And no doubt that everyone would like to have the free one because that comes in their benefit. Well if there is some benefit, then there would be some bad side as well. IF the web hosting is free, then there are certain term and conditions as well which comes along with it. So you should be well aware of each and everything regarding this type of web hosting.

Thousands of Users

First thing is that if you are using a server for free, then it is obvious that there are thousands or maybe more users as well who are using the same server for free of cost. And it becomes really difficult for your website to run smoothly, as there is always a lot of burden on the server you are using. And as a result, you have to face the less efficiency of your website. Plus your users also feel trouble in accessing your website as well. So you will slowly start to lose your customers because they do not get their desired speed on your website. Well still there is a bright side as well, and that is for the students to use this type of web hosting. As they are the beginners in the web development field.

Save your Money

Through this type of web hosting they can save hundreds of their dollars every month, or if there is someone who does not have enough money to put their website online, and still wants to do so. So they can use this type of web hosting. As this is the best thing you can have for the unofficial use. but if you own a large firm or some of the multi-national company. And you want to put an official website of your company on the server, then no doubt it is just a bad idea to do so. There are so many restrictions that come along with free web hosting like you will not have access to all the features of your website. Plus you will be just given a limited disk space for your website. This is just a bad idea because you would require a lot of disk space in order to upload your content on the website.

Limited Disk Space

And due to that, you are unable to upload the graphic content of high definition quality because it would consume a lot of space on the disk. So the best thing is to have a paid web hosting, so you can have your desired features and disk space as well. Plus you can make your website looks stunning which would increase the traffic on your website as well. SO be careful before you go for a final decision.