Free FTP hosting

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Web hosting is the service in which the web hosts make your website available to the internet users. With the help of web hosting, people are able to see your website. Once you yourself have developed the website or have it developed it from some web developers the work is not done. The next thing that you have to do is that you should find yourself a web hosting service that will make your website available to the internet users and will get your website to the internet. Web hosting is of different types and FTP hosting is one of the types of the web hosting services. FTP hosting is one of the best types of web hosting service and what’s even better is the free FTP hosting service which you are going to know about later in this article.

FTP hosting

Before knowing about free FTP hosting you have to know what FTP hosting actually is. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol With the help of FTP you are able to download and upload files on the internet, unlike the HTTP. FTP basically is the process if sending and receiving files over the internet and the downloading and uploading of files is actually the example of FTP. FTP hosting is basically a hosting service that provides you with the ability to upload web pages to your website so getting an FTP hosting service is necessary for you. FTP hosting service gets even better when it’s free. Some of the web hosting companies offer free web hosting services for its clients Without FTP hosting uploading of web pages becomes difficult as you have to create the web pages again but with the help of free FTP hosting you can upload an additional web page to your website anytime you want.

Free FTP hosting

The major benefit of free FTP hosting is that of course it’s free and things that you don’t have to pay for are the best ones. Another benefit of FTP hosting is that you are able to transfer larger files without any trouble. With free FTP hosting, there is not limited to the file size you can send any size of files to your web clients. Having a website comes with a lot of responsibilities you have to send large files to your clients sometimes and you can’t just sit around just because you don’t have FTP hosting service, so in order to avoid that kind of situation, which will leave bad impact on your clients, you have to utilize the opportunity of free FTP hosting that some of the web hosting companies are willing to provide you.

Following are the names of some web hosts that provide you with the ability of free FTP hosting

  • 000WebHost
  • 5GBfree
  • com
  • Zymic
  • ByeTheHost
  • AwardSpace
  • FreeHostingEU
  • UHostFull


All of the above names are the names of the web hosting service that provides free FTP hosting to you so don’t wait anymore to get the benefit of free FTP hosting from these web hosts.